Labels we wear: Indigenous Women in politics

Russia’s parliament passed legislation decriminalizing domestic abuse. In this episode we discuss the ramifications of the legislation. Closer to home, The Broadcast welcomes city council candidate Miranda Jimmy and NDP MLA Heather Sweet to discuss identity in politics as it relates to Indigenous female politicians. Start listening at about the 7 minute mark if you’re interested in this…

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Clinging to McClung: Time to let a Canadian icon go?

Historian and author Charlotte Gray joined the Broadcast to talk more about her book,  The Promise of Canada: 150 Years — People and Ideas That Have Shaped Our Country. In this interview Gray defends her portrayal of Nellie McClung as a note-worthy suffragette, despite some attitudes that would not be considered strongly feminist today. “You…


From both sides of the microphone

From both sides of the microphone Listen in as two former journalists turned politicians talk about the issues that defined them as female candidates. A frank conversation with the former leader of the Opposition, Danielle Smith and current president of PC Alberta, Katherine O’Neill.