The Game is On: The Future of the PC Party in Alberta

On March 18, the PC Party will elect a new leader. With pundits and party insiders predicting a Jason Kenney victory, we ask: what will a united conservative party mean for women in Alberta? Both in terms of their role in a potentially new party and in terms of the policies this new party might adopt. We talked to former PC cabinet minister and life-long PC member, Heather Klimchuk about her life with the party that she loves, the women who have helped shape the party so far, and “the ugly side of politics” that has emerged in the past months. As a self-described progressive within the PC party, Klimchuk says the party has often managed to find a comfortable centre even when confronted with divisive issues that expose the party’s “jagged edges.” Still, Klimchuk is honest about her uncertainty over where progressive women may find themselves in a potential new party headed by Jason Kenney.
In this episode we reference several topics:

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