The Summer Round Up!

In this special summer episode, The Broadcast is pleased to welcome political commentator Mariam Ibrahim and Metro columnist Danielle Paradis as guest hosts. Mariam and Danielle bring their sharp political observations to a grab-bag of topics that people who care about women and politics will be paying attention to.

We start local, looking at Alberta’s new conservative party, the UCP (or maybe it’s not so new, according to Mariam). How are women shaping this party — or not? As the leadership race unfolds, what do the men running say about issues that affect women? And how will the new UCP leader affect the overall dynamic in provincial politics?

From there, we move across the border to Saskatchewan. That’s where women are leading a record number of First Nations in the province. Danielle breaks down why that number is so important, in the context of colonization and how it removed the political rights of Indigenous women for far too long.

And finally, we broaden our lens to the national and international stage. What do Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau and Ivanka Trump have in common? Listen, to find out more.

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