Working behind the scenes and parenting as a politician

Listen in as we chat about some of the summer-time stories about women and politics that have been making headlines, both locally and nationally.

First, is a profile of Katie Telford…as chief of staff to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, she’s a huge political force in Canada. We talk about how the 38-year-old political strategist/superstar earned her spot as Trudeau’s most senior advisor and what her role has been in advancing feminist issues within the government. We also talk about her work on some note-worthy, or some would say notorious, moments in Trudeau’s political career, including a “ladies night” with the future prime minister and a meeting with Ivanka Trump.

Then we zoom in on a local story. Edmonton’s city council is poised to be the first in Canada to adopt a parental leave policy, that would permit elected officials to take up to six months off jobs after the birth or adoption of a child. Will the policy break down a barrier for women who are thinking of running for public office? Is it reasonable for an elected official to bow out of public life for 26 weeks? Hear our takes, and listen for an interview with a city council candidate who is currently campaigning with an 11-month-old daughter.

Here are some of the articles we discuss this week:

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