Immigrant Women in Politics: Facing myths & changing expectations

It can be hard to recruit women to run for office, but the odds against
immigrant women making a run for the halls of power are even higher.

What obstacles do they face? What support do they need? How can we — the
great, big collective “we” — do to help more female newcomers get involved
in politics?

In this episode of The Broadcast, we welcome Edmonton residents Aisha Rauf
and Giselle General. The women took different paths to come to Canada and
each is following a different path to get into politics.

But both of their stories highlight the unique circumstances these women face
— and the strength derived from those circumstances, too. Many immigrant
women are active in their ethnic communities and on behalf of volunteer
organizations. That work sometimes flies under the “mainstream” radar.

Also listen in for an update on…wait for it…the Canada-United States
Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders.
The committee was formed as an attempt to soften the meeting between U.S.
President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Work is,
apparently, continuing.

We wonder about that.



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