Who’s got the biggest tent in 2018? All-party round table on the next year in Alberta politics

It’s only the first month of the year but Alberta is already in election mode for 2019.
To help us predict the pulse of Alberta politics over the coming months, the Broadcast was pleased to host a round-table of women from the province’s biggest political parties.
It didn’t take long for the discussion to turn to pipelines, personalities, and — believe it or not — talk of a sales tax. We also talked about what issues these women want to see their parties focus on in 2018.
The Broadcast was pleased to welcome: Sonia Kont, a director and chair of communications for the UCP board, Shamanthi Cooray, president of the provincial NDP’s Mill Creek riding association, Kerrie Johnston, Edmonton regional chair for the Alberta Liberals, and Kara Levis, leadership candidate for the Alberta Party.
Also listen for a note about an upcoming learning day put on by the Alberta Women Entrepreneurs. It’s a full day event on Feb. 20 to talk about human resources, operations, financing, and marketing. Listen to the show for a promotional code that will get you 10 per cent off the conference fee!
Also, this episode marks one year since The Broadcast has been in production! Thanks to our supporters, listeners and previous guests for your encouragement and your belief that a podcast about women and politics is timely, relevant and needed. We reflected on our favourite episodes during this podcast, here they are:


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