Making sense of #metoo in politics with Martha Hall Findlay

It has been an explosive few weeks in Canadian politics; stories of sexual harassment and misconduct have blown open conversations about systemic problems in the halls of power in Ottawa and beyond.
In this episode, we welcomed Martha Hall Findlay, former MP and leadership contender for the federal Liberals, to discuss the stories and the problems they expose.
“There are a lot of people out there who are probably nervous right now,” she said.

Hall Findlay speaks of the need to find a sense of due process in an era where a Tweet can take down a cabinet minister, while also acknowledging how persistent and widespread these problems are.

The answers are not easy. But it might all start with filling a major gap that currently exists — where is a woman in the political system supposed to go with a complaint of sexual harassment?

There has been a lot of excellent coverage of this story in media from across the country. We’ve posted some important stories and interviews below.

CBC Radio, The Current. Propositions, groped, assaulted in the lobby: Staffers reveal culture of harassment in politics

The Ontario PC party needs a woman to take charge 

Listen here


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