The Broadcast says Goodbye

Hello podcast listeners! We made this episode over a couple of glasses of wine, a bunch of smiles, and maybe a tear, or two.
It’s time for us to park The Broadcast. We’re not saying forever but, for now, we need to take a break. We’ve been working on this podcast for almost two years and it’s been an incredible journey. So many smart, strong, thoughtful women have come on the show and shared their insights into the experiences of women and politics.
For this episode, we’ve taken a look back at some of our favourite interviews, and most memorable experiences. We hope you remember some of these shows, too. If not, hopefully this will inspire you to look them up.

We wanted to thank everyone who helped to make the Broadcast possible. It’s a LONG list — from our spouses, to our guests, to our friends, to the folks at the EPL room bookings department, to Switches, to the Alberta Podcast Network and the Edmonton Heritage Council. Thank you. We are so very grateful to have had this experience.

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